We choose music to suit our mood. What tops our playlist one day can be scrolled past for months if we deem it doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Music can amplify and even change our feelings and embed itself in our emotional memories. It’s powerful stuff.

Background Music

You’ll hear music wherever you go; supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants, bars and casinos. It’s not the case that these music choices are random or simply about atmosphere. Extensive research has been carried out to see how music makes us behave. Will it make us feel relaxed? Perhaps walk a little faster? Connect with the targeted demographic for brand loyalty?

As it’s lyric-free or lyric simple, electronic music is the perfect background music for venues such as internet cafes or casinos where people need to concentrate. Whereas arcade games have long embraced high energy dance music, the choices for online casinos are more low-level background selections. They are curated more than you would imagine, making sure that at key times of play, the beats get faster to help stimulate adrenaline and the feeling of excitement. Online Casinos, as part of their welcome package, will offer free play or extra games and are all about welcoming new clients, so the importance for them is comfort and familiarity, rather than new musical directions.

Will the music styles change? It has been proven that electronic music prolongs the time people spend in a venue. That can give a business a reputation for being welcoming and fun, which helps to drive more customers. As such, we’re already seeing EDM DJs being booked to play live sets at casinos. So, look out for them, or take a more careful listen to the background music next time you’re online.