We spend a lot of time searching for new music. Which often takes us down the rabbit hole of other people’s links and playlists. You know how it starts. You like a track, leave your music platform to play on, and suddenly you’re rushing for the stop button and yelling curses at the algorithm that thought you would want to hear the ‘Titanic’ theme tune.

This week we somehow ended up on a Vegas-themed playlist featuring the big stars who played the famous Las Vegas casinos. Through that, we learned that the most played Casino song in 2019 was Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus). So, it seems Vegas still has some way to go in moving electronic music front and centre.

Electronic Music in Online Casinos

That got us wondering about online gaming and the most popular music used there. The slot games such as https://mfortune-bonus.co.uk/bingo-bonus/ feature the most music, with many themed around popular movies such as Jurassic Park or Gladiator and using the related theme tunes. The demand for mass appeal has also seen big-name acts incentivise their music, with artists from Dolly Parton to Guns n Roses allowing their music to be linked to online slot games.

So, what about electronic music? Although digital music and online casinos should be a match made in heaven, it’s a market yet to be fully exploited by electronic artists. The casinos are looking for mass familiarity in their choice of themes and music. So there hasn’t yet been the cross over from the dance floor to the online casinos as there was, for example, when The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, and Orbital featured on the classic PlayStation ‘Wipeout’ games in the 1990s. But we’re sure it’s coming. Soon.